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Machine Shop Service

We perform the following machine shop serices in house:

Cylinder Bore and Hone

  • Sunnen CK10 Cylinder Hone
  • BHJ Torque Plates, Overbore, Finish Hone
  • Racing and Street Finishes
  • Sleeves Installed

Block and Head Surfacing

  • Storm Vulcan B85 Mill with updated feed control
  • Surface cylinder head and blocks aluminum or cast iron
  • BHJ block tru fixture
  •  Intake surfaces and exhaust manifolds
  • Trial fit and custom deck to fit your assembly



Engine Balancing

  • Stewart Warner Crankshaft Balancing
  • Flywheel and Clutch Balancing
  • 4CYL, V6 and V8
  • Internal or External Balance

Complete Cylinder Head Service

  • Sunnen VGS head center
  •  Stock and racing valve job
  • Guides and seats replaced
  • Hardened seats installed
  • Screw in studs and spring pockets cut



Rod Reconditioning

  • Sunnen Rod Reconditioning Equipment
  • Rod Resizing
  • Upgraded Bolts installed
  • Side clearancing
  • Bushings Installed/ Fitted



Main Journal Bore and Hone

  • Sunnen line bore and hone fixture
  • Line hone service
  • Upgraded main caps installed
  • Repair spun main journals




 Additional Services

  • Stroker clearancing
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Hot Tank cleaning (No Aluminum)
  • Bead Blasting
  • Intake manifold and small part powdercoating
  • Engine R&R Service (only our engines)
  • Carburetor Rebuild and Restoration
  • Muscle car tuning
  • Cam bearings and freeze plugs installed
  • Engine Startup and Break-in
  • Rear axle rebuild  - gears and posi units installed 







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